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Web parts - v3

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This solution contains all search Web Parts you can use on your SharePoint modern pages.

Used SharePoint Framework Version


This solution includes the following Web Parts:

Search Web Part(s)

Component Description
Search Box Web Part Allows users to enter free text/KQL search queries connected to a search results Web Part.
Search Results Web Part Performs static or dynamic search query with customizable parameters sorting and templating.
Search Refiners Allows users to configure refiners for a search results Web Part.
Search Verticals Allows users to search in predefined scopes.

Minimal Path to Awesome

  • Clone this repository
  • In the search-parts project, run the following commands:
  • npm install
  • gulp serve

The search-parts project also supports faster development via spfx-fast-serve tool. To use "fast serve" run npm run serve instead of gulp serve.

We recommend using --nobrowser when serving and use one of two approaches for debugging instead of the local workbench: * Hosted workbench on any site via: https://<tenant> * Debug on a modern page by appending the below parameters to the URL. This allows page composition and debug as you were in production.