The 'Search Results' Web Part can be used alone but also connected to other Web Parts:

"Available connections"

Input query text

The input query text can be either static or dynamic. In all cases, this value can be used using the {inputQueryText} token. See tokens for more information.

Static value

It corresponds to a free text keywords that you want to pass to your data source:

"Static value"

This value will be applied every time to your data source.

Dynamic value

You can connect a dynamic value from the page environment (ex: a query string parameter, the top bar search box, etc.) or a search box already added to the page.

"Dynamic value"

Optionaly, you can set a default query text when there is no value for the connected source (ex: an empty search box at page load).

Filters Web Part




When you connect the Web Part to a Verticals one, you must specify on which vertical the Web Part content should be displayed.

"Select vertical"

This mechanism allows to build a complete search center using verticals tabs.