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Search Results Web Part

The 'Search Results' Web Part is the fundamental building block of whole global solution. Its purpose is basically to get data from a specifc source and render them in a specific native or custom layout based on Handlebars and web components.

This Web Part can be used alone or connected to other Web Parts to add dyanmic interactions (filters, search box or verticals). To use the Web Part on a SharePoint page:

  1. Edit your SharePoint modern page.
  2. Search for the 'PnP - Search Results' Web Part and add it to your page.

    You may use "PnP - Search Rollup" instead if you don't need to connect web parts. This version support being lazy loaded in the SharePoint framework to optimize page loading.

"PnP Search Results"

"PnP Search Results"


The search results Web Part configuration is divided into four parts each corresponding to a property pane page:

  1. Data source: From where to retrieve the data. Includes the slots configuration and tokens usage.
  2. Layouts: How to render them.
  3. Connections: How the Web Part will be connected to others in the page.
  4. Extensibility: How the Web Part will be connected to others in the page.