Search Verticals Web Part

The 'Verticals' Web Part allows to conditionally render a 'Search Results' Web Part according to the selected vertical. It is a simple way to build a complete search center including multiple sources.

"PnP Search Verticals Web Part"


The configuration of the 'Verticals' Web Part is fairly simple.

"Verticals configuration"

Configure verticals

The options for a vertical are as follow:

Setting Description
Tab name The vertical name (i.e. tab)
Fluent UIFabric icon name The optional Fluent UI icon to display for the tab. Refer to Office UI Fabric documentation to see all available icons.
Is hyperlink If checked, the tab will behave as an hyperlink meaning it won't trigger any selected event.
Link URL If the tab is an hyperlink, the link URL to use. Tokens {<TokenName>} are supported here. See tokens for more info.
Open behavior If the tab is an hyperlink, the opening behavior (new tab or current tab).