Search Navigation

This addition is a pivot-navigation link list that may be used to emulate the navigation in the out-of-the-box search center. You can use this webpart on several different pages and set up a searchbox and refiners webpart to handle different types of result. The webpart will automatically detect if it is on the right page from the set of navigation nodes, and display it in the preferred color.

Nav Nodes

Connect to a source

In order to make the search go between the pages where you have set up searches, use this functionality to connect to a search box on the current site. The query from this searchbox will be passed as a url parameter 'q' when navigating to the next page. This is done in the same manner as when you are connecting the search box webpart to the search refiners webpart.

Setup Navigation nodes

This step is used to set up the navigation nodes, and needs to be done on all pages it should be displayed on to work correctly.

Change Node

Setup colors

The you may either use the site collection theme colors, or use a custom color you choose in the settings pane.

Change Color